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10 October, 2015
Sex in the shower

Massage and Sex in the Shower

Do you imagine enjoying a good session of sex in the shower? That at present is known as erotic shower is without any doubt one of the best possible sexual scenes that can be carried out, and it is that for many people, water has certain sexual connotation. And despite what many people wrongly believe, sex is an experience that goes far beyond the coitus and the genital region of the man and woman.
10 October, 2015
nudist massage

What is the naked massage?

Are you interested in knowing what it is and in what the nudist massage consist? The world of the massages is very varied, but the erotic massages, those massages in which the masseuse offer the massage completely naked are the ones which is gaining more followers and higher popularity in the last few years. The nudist massage is a delight...